The Comfort of Home.


lately i’ve been feeling dead inside
like my guts have dried up and died
but every night i water them back to life
-alkaline trio, my little needle

I made this for my love, Ashley. I love her more than anything.
Photo credit- @thecomfortofhome

They were just voices first,
But they said get closer.
I listened.

I felt your warmth and I remember shivering from the shock.

They changed us too quickly,
And I felt your grip loosening.
I desperately held on.

I kept myself up but lost you
On the way.
Maybe that is why you feel so far away.


We kissed.
Your warmth shook me once again,
Even your cold hands are beautiful to me.

We are still standing. Together.

—    nra (baby look how far we’ve come)

(Source: lealai)